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Projects and plans that I helped to complete in the last four years as the Treasurer.


  •  I have completed the 3-year/100-hour training program through the Michigan Municipal Treasurers Association, as required for a Michigan Certified Professional Treasurer.

Brandenburg Park

  • The eroding seawall has been removed and the softened shoreline has been constructed. This has become a habitat for ecosystems to live in and for us to enjoy. 

Nature Center

  • The Nature Center located at the end of Hooker Road is established. We worked to clear and create a place to fish, kayak, bike, walk, and learn about the plants and nature in our backyard.


  • As promised, the ways to conveniently pay utility bills and taxes have been updated. Since being in office, I have updated our drop box, worked with banks in the area to give residents more locations to pay and made paying online convenient and affordable through the EFT Check option. 

Webber Paddle Park

  • Located off of Jefferson Avenue the Webber Paddle Park was created as an easily accessible place to fish, along with a kayak and paddle board launch that flows from the Salt River into Lake St. Clair. 


Local projects that I support to promote the lifestyle in Chesterfield for the future

Gratiot Avenue Planning

  • It is my vision for Gratiot Avenue to become a more family-accessible area. I am part of a group looking at how we can develop non-motorized paths for biking and walking with access to “pocket parks” along the way.

M-59 Update Progress

  • I am part of the workgroup of six communities, the county, and state partners to develop a plan for a land-to-lake trail along the M-59 corridor. 

A Walkable Township

  • I am looking to secure more green space that can become parks and trails. Specifically, I want to connect pieces of sidewalks around the township, create paths on the north end, and a park on the west side of I-94. 


  • Across Chesterfield, we have invasive phragmites that are blocking the natural rivers and streams. I am working to find solutions to control the growth and spread of phragmites and remove them in the most environmentally and financially responsible way possible.

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